What to Expect from Sevan Startup Summit 2017


Sevan Startup Summit is the first informal startup event in the region. Organized in the form of tent camp with the inspiring view of Lake Sevan, the Summit promises to bring unforgettable emotions to all the participants and appears to be a really unique event in its kind in the whole world.

As experience shows, the informal daily routine is vital for having trust and thereby a long-term collaboration, productive teamwork and investment opportunities. Daily educational and practical schedule is accompanied by an intense entertainment program and rest. This year, there will be a specially organized coworking place for all those who don’t want to fall behind their work during the Summit.

The prize fund of Sevan Startup Summit 2017 comprises $40,000 which will be distributed among 15 teams during different competitions. More than $200,000 of investment is expected to be done during the Summit. Top 70 startups and 30 software developer teams will be selected from 309 applications after the interviews. The number of applying people reached up to 3000, of which only 1000 will become participants of the Summit.

Along with the organizers of the event, partners are highlighting the encouragement of startups as well. There are different rewards besides the monetary prizes that will encourage the startups. Digital Factory company will design logo and corporate identity for 3 startup teams, AYYO marketing will provide UI/UX design for 1 startup team and Smart Production LLC will create a website for 1 startup team. Moreover, Coworking Armenia will reward 1 early stage startup with a free working space for 3 months.

Main events of the Summit:

  • Summit participants will have the opportunity to attend lectures lead by business trainers invited from all over the world (July 24-28). During the lectures, the participants will get knowledge starting from “how to create a business plan” as well as “how to exit the business”.
  • Business stage startup teams will have a chance to pitch angel investors and venture companies during Campfire Pitch organized for the first time in Armenia (July 25-26).
  • Developer teams will have a chance to present prototype versions of different software solutions during 24-hour Campathon (July 27-28). Despite the lack of sleep, the event is highly attractive because of exciting collaboration and inspirational conditions. During the Campathon, the organizers will hold 2 training sessions. The best two teams according to their idea and accomplishment level will be granted $1000 and $500 respectfully and have an opportunity to get involved in the Startup Acceleration Program.
  • Brand Battles will be organized for startups in different fields. The best startups in the field of tourism (Yell Extreme Battle), food and healthy lifestyle (Art Lunch Battle), agriculture (Janfida Battle) and science (Science Battle) will win 2500$ in each category.
  • Seed stage startups will compete with each other in the Seed Battle (July 29). The participants will fight for the following prizes: $3000 special prize, $2000 for the 1st place, $1000 for the 2nd place.
  • Early stage startups will compete with each other in the Big Battle (July 30). The participants can be rewarded with the following prizes: $8000 grand prix, $5000 for the 1st place, $2500 for the 2nd place and $1000 for the 3rd place.

Sevan Startup Summit 2017 will be concluded by an unprecedented beach party on the night of July 30. All expenditures of the participants during the Summit are covered by the organizers.

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