HR Solutions for 2 Startups by 2mindS


Its 5th day of the Summit and the partners are still adding. 2mindS joins the Summit and will provide a special prize. 2mindS is a new benchmark in delivering value adding HR solutions from A-to-Z for businesses aiming to increase efficiency and for people striving to make a career headway.  The company has prepared a prize for two start-ups. The prize will be a tailor-made solution for the selected startups supporting them to define best strategies for talent acquisition and management and a team assessment session, which will enable the teams to find out their strength and development potential and link it to the business goals of the team.

Mariam Hambardzumyan, director of 2minds, mentioned;

We are happy to see so many enthusiastic teams of young and motivated people who stand out with their innovative knowledge, out of the box thinking and willingness to start their own businesses and have their contribution to the future economic development of Armenia. At 2mindS, we have always highlighted the role of startups and are ready to stand next to them as their HR Business Partner.

To recall, the prize fund of Sevan Startup Summit 2017 is $40,000 and will be distributed among 20 teams.

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