Ellips as the sponsor of Sevan Startup Summit 2018
2018-05-22 19:51

Sevan Startup Summit 2018 will be the Gala event of all the Summits held this year. It will gather about 1000 entrepreneurs from all over the globe and build a new bridge for cooperation. This year specifically the main aim of the event is to gather not only new startups but also to give the startups who achieved a certain stage of development a chance to be involved in the newly introduced acceleration program of Sevan Startup Summit 2018.

“Ellips G.A.” LLC, one of the leading companies in the field of security systems in Armenia, will be the sponsor of Sevan Startup Summit 2018. The company will automatize the services in the territory starting from the badges, up to purchasing a meal, everything in the territory of the Summit will take place without human assistance.

As Aleksan Zakaryan (“Ellips G.A.” LLC, Founder and CEO) puts it: “I think that Armenia lacks a number of things that could contribute to its economic development. However, Armenians have a high intellectual potential, which in case of taking a proper direction will create a product that is worth of being exported. In my opinion, the future of Armenia directly depends on successful start-ups. That is why it is crucial to create the most favorable conditions for their development so that Armenia could boast of the best start-ups that will represent the investment portfolio of the future. And this is one of the reasons, why Ellips has joined this amazing startup initiative.”

The main aim of the cooperation with Ellips G.A is to provide startups and all the participants with comfort so that they concentrate on the outcome of own work and get the best possible from the concept of the Summit. The automation of the services will turn the territory at the shore of Lake Sevan into one of the most innovative places.

Vahagn Rapyan (Sevan Startup Summit, CEO) puts it: “We are happy that this year Ellips G.A became our partner. This year we will recourse to innovative developments in the framework of an informal event. And I hope that these innovations will facilitate to a better and more effective organization of the Summit.”