is partnering with Sevan Startup Summit
2018-06-01 20:03
Sevan Startup Summit 2018 will gather together more than 1000 entrepreneurs from all over the globe, with an aim of creation of a new bridge of cooperation for the main stakeholders of startup ecosystem. 

From July 22nd to 29th the participants will live in tents and share common lifestyle, which as practice shows, leads to more constructive cooperation., one of the leading companies in Armenia offering renting services will contribute to the organization of Sevan Startup Summit 2018. 

Tigranuhi Sanayan, the managing director at mentioned, 

As we launch 6 years ago and started offering online renting services, we realize how hard it is for any startup to offer something new and innovative to the market. By supporting Sevan Startup Summit 2018, we believe that we are doing a step to make it easier for innovative SMEs in Armenia to launch and develop their products. We hope to have long-lasting partnership with the organizers. 

Within the framework of partnership, will provide goods and equipment worth $50,000 during the 7 days of the event. Starting from tents and sleeping bags and ending with everyday goods, our partners will cover as much as possible. 

Vahagn Rapyan, the CEO at Sevan Startup Summit mentioned, was supporting us from the very first Sevan Startup Summit held in 2016. By that time, we were organizing the event for only 300 participants and they helped us with the equipment needed. Now, when we are organizing an event for 1000 people, they are still supporting us, which is the best example of mutually beneficial long-term partnership. 

Applications for Sevan Startup Summit 2018 will be accepted till 30 of June. For free participation it is necessary for startups to register and fill in the application till May 14. Starting from May 15 to June 4, the applicants will pay $30 per person, and starting from June 5 to June 30, the selected startups will pay $45 per person.