Fourth day of Seaside Startup Summit: Seed, AR/VR and Eco-Millennium battle
2018-02-11 10:40
4th Day of Seaside Startup Summit UAE.Ras Al Khaimah was one of the most though days. After the morning meet up the Seed Battle for the seed stage startups started. The participants were pitching to the jury members and after the presentation the Q&A sessions were conducted. Among 26 seed stage teams there were startups operating in different fields. After the third phase of the Seed Battle the 10th workshop session on Cryon was held by Abdullah Alkurdi. The workshop was followed by panel discussion about te future of the Accelerator. The moderator Manuk Hergnyan was helding the session with Hanane Benkhallouk, Hisham Safadi, Abdul Halim Jelad, Erkki Aaltonen, Tarek Sayed and Yervand Sarskisyan. The people who have been in accelerator or even some of them launch one held an interesting and very informative discussion. 
Twi brand battles were conducted in the evening. AR/VR battle which was held in innovation truck and Eco-Millennium Battle. Both battles lasted longer than expected and the decision making was harsh for the jury members. 
After the dinner the participants gathered around the campfire as it was time for the CampFire Talks. Lamine Talakela, Dmitry Chumak, Yousef Hammad, Hasan Kubba, Assia Riccio and Arsen Karamyan, Deputy Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs held their talks.