Fifth Day of Seaside Startup Summit: Big Battle
2018-02-12 10:42
Last day of the Summit was full of surprises. After the morning meet-up session the Big Battle started. 31 startups operating in different spheres but in the same stage of development were pitching their startups to the jury. Meanwhile the other half of the attendees were having a leisure time and communicating with each other. Everyone was realizing that its the last day and their last chance to get to know each other. One of the Summit participants said:
-This is the first time I’m living in tent and at first I thought that most probably I will leave after the second day, but once I came in I felt the atmosphere and realized how productive I can spend these days. I’ve made lots of friends and some of them will join our team and work on our startups after the event. Now I’m to nervous as all of us are waiting for the winners to be announced.
After the end of the Big Battle, Hakob Hakobyan, the co-founder of Seaside Startup Summit, held a big CampFire Talk. He was talking about the vision of the Summit, how this all started and how unrealistic the implementation seemed to some people. But now everyone is joining us on our way to the establishment of the new platform for the all stakeholders of the startup ecosystem. 
The official closing ceremony started right after the end of the CampFire Talk. The ceremony stated by appreciation to the partners and sponsors who helped to organize the event. During the ceremony the winners of the battles were announced.