Second Half of Day 2 of Seaside Startup Summit India. Goa
2018-03-07 22:01
Half of the day already, and everyone is running to the beach to spend the leisure time in the water. Some are attending water sports others are sunbathing and some are enjoying the waves. Meanwhile, the staff is preparing for the upcoming workshop and the campfire talks. The time is up and everyone is rushing to the auditorium to attend the workshop about international sales. The workshop was conducted in a panel discussion format and the speakers were Sameer Siortur, Abhay Tandon, Greg Acuna and Mohan Bethur.
When all the workshops of the day were done, the series of campfire talks started. All around the summit area were campfires where all the participants were attentively listening to the failure and success stories of the entrepreneurs, while sharing thoughts, seeking answers to their questions and discovering the key factors of success. The series included talks about Artificial intelligence, Blockchains, Protection of IP addresses, the trends of Indian market and about Going Global.

The day, as always, ended with good music and positive vibes.