The Start of March 8 at Seaside Startup Summit!
2018-03-08 15:45
March 8th, international women’s day and the third day of Seaside Startup Summit India, Goa. The day started with musical alarm and everyone attended the morning meeting at 7:30 as planned. The morning routine started with the wrap-up of the previous day, motivational speech and the traditional yoga that helped everyone stretch their muscles and get some energy. After some nutritious breakfast everyone was heading to workshops. 
The first workshop was about Marketing and Sales Strategies and Customer quisition. The next workshop was a vital one about Fundraising options held by different speakers that talked about government grants, ICO, crowdfunding, venture capitals, debts and other financing options. During the leisure time Summit attendees participated in water sports and activities, had some fun and sunbathed. Now it’s time for the upcoming workshops: Remodeling Sales Operations held by Laxman and Perfect Pitching to Investors by MC Bassam and Prashant Pansare. The day started very productive, since everyone is all about learning, connecting, winning and having fun.