Summing up the 8 th of March at Seaside Startup Summit India, Goa
2018-03-08 21:40
The half of the day was gone but a lot of events were ahead. Internation Women’s Day Celebration and Award Ceremony was conducted by Tripti Singhal, Mrs. Mridula Sinha, Governer of Goa and Annalie Killian. The event was to aimed to inspire, motivate and cheer up the women entrepreneurs.
At the same time a panel discussion about choosing the right incubators and accelerators was going on. The speakers were Anil Chhikara, Vivek Kumar and Abhay Tandon. After, there were series of campfire talks about Blockchains, Role of Coaches and Mentors, the Success Stories of Startups, Going Global, using networking to get business and investors, Talent Management.
After all the workshops the participants met up to discuss the upcoming day’s schedule, since the Big Battles and Seed Battles are awaiting. The day ended with some partying, good music and a tasty dinner.