The Launch of Sectoral Battles
2018-03-09 17:03
The 4 th day of the Seaside Startup Summit India.Goa started with the traditional meetup, yoga and meditation and motivational speech. After making the breakfast together with the given raw materials, everyone was ready for the productive day. 
The Brand Battles launched and the startups were ready to pitch and win. The juries were ready to judge, evaluate and give feedback. Retail, Enterprise, Edutech, Healthcare, Social Impact, Industrial, Mobile App/Gaming and Fintech. As you can see the possibilities are diverse for all types of startups and industries. 
While some startups were pitching to win, the others were enjoying their leisure time at the beach alongside with connecting with others. Before the campfire talks everyone headed to their squads to eat some nutritious lunch to get ready for another round of information and experience.