Scientific Startups can win $2500


Public Diplomacy charitable non-governmental organization has defined a special prize during the Sevan Startup Summit 2017 for the startups operating in the field of science. All the startups, that have scientific work included in their startups can be the participant of the Science Battle and win the $2500 prize.

The winner of the 2nd battle of 2016 was the team Energy Globe, whose idea was a spherical solution of solar energy production, which increases the energy efficiency of photovoltaic cells by more than 30%. The system ensures water heating and energy production together. This experience shows that encouragement of scientific startups can lead them to reach global markets and increase the recognizability of Armenian scientific brands.

The official position of’ “Public Diplomacy” NGO is.

“Sevan Startup Summit is a great initiative which is giving an opportunity to find the innovative ideas and, moreover, promote their further development. ”Public Diplomacy” NGO among its many activities is also guided by this 2 ideas and that’s why our ways have crossed. By the support to the science, we are aimed to foster the science-based development of Armenia”

The Science Battle is the 4th Brand Battle during the Summit. There are also brand battles for the startups operating in the field of tourism, agriculture and food and healthy lifestyle. Spherical battles have an aim to contribute to the demanded sectors in Armenian market.

To recall, the Summit will be held from 24th to 31st of July.

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