Dear all, we want to announce two vacancies that we need in our team in order to be ready for the Summit 2018.

Vacancy 1) Software Developer

The responsibilities: 
To update web-site content and come up with new ideas on Social Media Marketing. Be responsible for the web-site and application development.

Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, WordPress;
SMM skills;
Advanced knowledge of Armenian, English, and Russian;
Ability to meet the deadlines;
Ability to work in teams


Vacancy 2) PR Manager

The responsibilities:

The candidate should be responsible for the public relations of the company. Keep in touch with the sponsors. Understand the perspectives in the international market.

Communication skills;
Research skills;
Advanced writing skills in Armenian, English, and Russian;
International mindset;
Ability to meet the deadlines;
Ability to work in teams.


If you think you are the right candidate for these jobs we are waiting for your CV’s. Send it to

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